Cambridge has a long history of embracing immigrants and refugees seeking opportunity, freedom, and safety. Over 30 years ago, Cambridge declared itself a Sanctuary City, demonstrating its strong commitment to protecting its immigrant population. In 2016, Cambridge established the Commission for Immigrant Rights & Citizenship (CIRC) to address the needs of our immigrant community through outreach, Know Your Rights trainings, and monthly  immigration legal screening clinics.  Immigrant Liaison positions were established within CIRC and through the Mayor’s Office to provide direct support and resources to our immigrant communities. In March 2018, Mayor Marc McGovern announced the launch of the Cambridge Legal Defense Fund for Immigrants, in partnership with the Cambridge Community Foundation, to support local legal defense service providers who represent low-income immigrants at risk of deportation. Cambridge is proud to support its immigrant population, and plans to continue to find ways to support pathways to citizenship and to increase opportunities for immigrant engagement and integration in our City.