Cleveland, OH


The City of Cleveland has recently partnered with Global Cleveland in an effort to increase naturalization among eligible Lawful Permanent Residents in the Greater Cleveland region, through the GreaterCLE4Citizenship program. The GreaterClevelandCLE4Citizenship Initiative is a comprehensive, multi-year, collaborative effort to link legal permanent residents directly to the information and services they need to naturalize and become citizens. The service-delivery model of the Initiative centers on the creation of Naturalization Support Centers (NSCs) at existing community-based organizations, most specifically the Cleveland and Cuyahoga County Public Library Systems, representing the diverse national, linguistic and cultural backgrounds of the local universe of immigrants. The Initiative will target the more than 30,000 LPRs currently eligible to apply for naturalization, as well as those who will become eligible over the next few years. In its first phase, the Initiative will focus primarily on geographic areas with high concentrations of eligible LPRs.