Dallas, TX


In Dallas, our strength is our diversity.  Dallas thrives when all of our residents are included and afforded the opportunity to succeed. With one in four Dallas residents being an immigrant or refugee, the Office of Welcoming Communities and Immigrant Affairs (WCIA) was established in March 2017 to promote the civic, social and economic engagement of immigrants and refugees residing in Dallas. The WCIA aspires to be a bridge connecting Dallas’ diverse immigrant community with existing Dallas residents so that common ground and shared leadership can be realized. WCIA will carry out a multi-faceted program to promote the successful integration of immigrants into the social and economic fabric of the Dallas community.

WCIA has launched a “MyDallas Citizenship” initiative in collaboration with other city offices including the Dallas Public Library and Dallas Police Department Unidos together with local community organizations to raise awareness about the importance of citizenship and what it can mean for the individuals who are eligible, their families and Dallas’ greater community.  In addition to raising awareness, the City of Dallas will hold its first mega-application citizenship workshop in the fall of 2017 with plans to hold them regularly.