San Jose, CA

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Under the leadership of Mayor Licarrdo, the City of San Jose Office of Immigrant Affairs and the County of Santa Clara Office of Immigrant Relations established the Immigrant Relations and Integration Services (IRIS) office, which funds, another initiative by the city to assist immigrant communities. The website offers information about citizenship and resources for the naturalization process, including information about Citizenship Days and Citizenship Workshops. The Santa Clara County Citizenship Collaborative, The New Americans Campaign, and multiple local organizations sponsored Citizenship Days (in twelve different languages) during which participants were provided with a citizenship orientation, eligibility screenings, legal reviews of their application, assessments, information on English and citizenship classes, financial assistance, and study materials for the naturalization exam and interview. Councilmember Chu worked with the Center for Employment Training; Asian Law Alliance; Services, Immigrant Rights and Education Network; and other organizations to organize a Citizenship Workshop that also conveyed information about the requirements and process to become a US citizen, and offered applicants assistance completing their naturalization application and fee waivers (as needed).