Albuquerque, NM


The City of Albuquerque is an immigrant friendly city that welcomes and encourages immigrants to live, work and study in Albuquerque and to participate in community affairs. Mayor Tim Keller and the City Council reaffirmed the city’s commitment to immigrant integration and inclusion by policy in April 2018.

The Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs (OIRA), which is part of the Office of Equity and Inclusion and Office of Civil Rights, is responsible for monitoring compliance with the policy and ensuring that Albuquerque is a safe place for immigrants from all countries, as well as for war refugees, people of color, Muslims, Jewish and other groups impacted by discrimination and acts of hate.

This resolution assures vulnerable communities that the City supports them, that it will strive to maintain and improve their quality of life, and that it will not tolerate acts of hate, discrimination, bullying, or harassment. The resolution is part of Mayor Keller’s commitment to stand up for all families in the city, restore trust between the community and city law enforcement, and reaffirm the city’s commitment to equity and inclusion.

The Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs assists immigrants and resettled refugees who make Albuquerque home by connecting people to services provided by the City and by community organizations, by advocating for services, programs and policies, and by convening planning and community forums