Tulsa, OK

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The New Tulsans Initiative recognizes the core belief that our City’s greatest asset is our people. As a 2017 grantee of the Partnership for New American Economy Gateways for Growth grant, the City of Tulsa has mobilized diverse community stakeholders to develop a comprehensive strategic plan focused on welcoming immigrants. Launching in September 2018, the New Tulsans Initiative Welcoming Plan will provide pathways for socially responsible immigrant integration and will seek out opportunities that benefit both native born and immigrant residents of Tulsa. A critical piece of Tulsa’s welcoming plan will work to ensure that all residents, including immigrants, fully participate in civic life by increasing access to leadership and democratic spaces. This includes partnering with local organizations and public libraries to increase access to civic education, support services such to apply for naturalization, hosting local oath ceremonies, and information on voter registration and local elections.